Invoices generated by Prestashop is great. But we have heard from merchants all over the world that, in many cases, Prestashop should support a feature where people can upload their own invoices.

The awesome  module Custom Invoices comes in right place and solves the problem easily.

The thing is that, Custom Invoices supports different file format. Among of them are:

Custom Invoices accepts different file formats

.odt (Open Document)

.docx (Word Microsoft Office)

.doc (Word Microsoft Office)

.xlsx (Excel Microsoft Office)

.xls (Excel Microsoft Office)

.pdf (Portable Document Format)

.jpg (Joint Photographic Expert Group)

.png (Portable Network Graphic)

.gif (Graphics Interchange Format)

.xml (Extensible Markup Language File)


Are you looking for uploading other files? Contact us!


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