One of our customers is selling art items. Here are some samples from his shop.

You will be noticed that, the items vary from one to one. And as they are art items, therefore they need to be the final version without assembly. It makes him headache with shipping process, as he can not give a fixed shipping cost for each item.

One day, we got in touch and discuss about the feature. The discussion took a bit long. But finally, we put all of them together. Thanks to his geat idea, now Quick Quote Tool pro can give a quote for shipping cost as well.

Quick Quote Tool Pro works with shipping costOnce the quote is approved, his customers can check out easily. No additional shipping cost as it’s already included in the quote.

And here is what he said:

Thanks PrestaMonster team, they make us easy to sell our items. I was in pain with shipping stuffs but now, it’s worry-free! Thanks again.


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We are exciting to announce that, one of our best modules now offers a free version. Currently, some advanced features are not available yet, but we are working hard to move one by one, from the Pro version to this free version.

Nevertheless, Australia Post free version is ideal for small shops which only offer domestic shipping.

Try that and let us know. Our goal is to add more features and bring you good experience when shipping with Australia Post service even though you are not using a paid version.


Australia Post free download

And here you go: Australia Post free download.

In 1.5, Prestashop introduced the great feature – Multiple shipping addresses. This’s really good if your clients want to split the order and ship to different addresses at the same time.

How come?

Usually, they have to place 2 orders. It’s time consuming and sometimes, they’re wanna leave your website. Thanks to this great feature, your clients now can place 2 orders in 1 time. What they have to do are: making sure they have more than 1 address attached to their account, then at the first step of checkout, decide to go with this feature.

Multiple shipping in Prestashop 1.6For further details on how to enable this feature and how to use, refer to this nice article written by Inmotion Hosting.

Allowing multiple shipping addresses in PrestaShop 1.5

But this is a BAD NEWS for you – This feature is no longer supported by Prestashop 1.6.

We understand how important it is for our community. As a result, we now are glad to introduce a MODULE – Multi Shipping 1.6. The “mission” is to continue supporting the good feature for merchants who are running Prestashop 1.6.

Check it out.


Have fun.


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Australia Post for Prestashop

Well, it’s a long story.

Several years ago, my friend – Nitzan – started developing the first version of Australia Post which only supports the current Prestashop at that time. So he owns Australia Post 1.0 – works with Prestashop 1.3.x.

Nitzan, he was a busy man, always! The module got more sales, and of course, more tickets coming up and making a long queue. He was really stuck with that. Users had to wait for weeks to get answered, then next a few weeks to get another response. Everything went down pretty quickly.

At the end of 2012, we met each other, we talked about that a lot…

Phew, finally, Nitzan gave all accesses to me, and we became the co-owner of the module. Then, I would be responsible for everything. Development. Support. Marketing. The overall rating was super slow – 2.0 stars. My goal was to draw a new picture about Australia Post and a new picture about the people behind.


Let’s talk about “me”, yes, a quite lazy guy but felt in love with Prestashop. And that’s it. I did not know much enough about business around. I did know how a shipping module works. I did not have any experience about maintaining a simple product. I started from ZERO, literally as well as figuratively.

I tried to understand the work-flow of the module.

I tried to reply to all tickets as fast as I can. I did that at first in the morning and one more time when closing my laptop’s lid and turning off the light at middle night.

I got questions. I got new requests from existing users. Yeah, that’s really cool. I did not think about $$$, honestly, but closing my eyes and imagining about an upcoming version. Enjoy dreaming – working hard – getting in touch with users. Day by day, I grew up; Australia Post guy was “grown up” too; as if both of guys were born together :)

If you were me, how would you feel when receiving such comments?

Excellent module and excellent support. Needed customized code for certain categories and was fixed in no time.

Awesome Support from the developer, Great solution for getting accurate shipping costs in Australia.

Very well done and easy to use module. This makes it a lot easier for me to ship products without having to calculate and apply rates myself. Had a problem with installation and contacted support and they fixed it for me straight away (and installed a new version on top of that). If you need to use Australia post for your shipping I would strongly recommend this module!

And here is all our effort – 5 stars over 5!


You will have no choice than smiling all the days for sure. Wanna bet?


Wait! That’s not the end of the story. One day, we asked ourselves – Why don’t we give Australia Post for free? The answer is so simple: Yes, why’s not! Thanks for that, Australia Post basic  is designed for you. If your shop is not a big one, Australia Post basic is a very good start.

Sign up today and enjoy Australia Post basic for FREE:


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