Hello friends,

It’s longer than estimated but finally, our Point Of Sale Pro now supports a receipt printer or bill printer. Any bill printer can work with it. Just like setting up a printer, and that’s it.

Point Of Sale Pro, bill printer, receipt printer

When we show the feature to Tony, one of our users, we got this first question:

Tony: What if I still want to print the invoice on A4 paper?

Tung: Ha ha, it works for both. Whatever you want, standard invoice or receipt/bill format.

I guess, you might have the same question. If so, don’t worry, our Point Of Sale Pro is designed to work with several formats.

Currently, 4 paper sizes are supported: A4, A5, K80 and K57.

Point of sale pro, bill printer, receipt printer

Now, it’s time to check it out on our live demo.


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You are the newbie? You want to create a module from scratch? Sometimes, or you don’t know where to start (newbie) or you have to spend time for doing the same / boring things when creating a new module. Shuyt! Even you know how to do that quickly, but you are potential to make mistakes.

If so, this Module generator tool developed by Prestashop will give you a helping hand to generate a skeleton module. You just need to focus on your business requirements and implement them.

That’s really easy, like 1, 2 and 3.

Here we go:

Module generator for Prestashop

Module generator for Prestashop

Module generator for Prestashop

Really cool?

I now don’t want to waste your time. If this is exactly what you are looking for, click here to start using this very nice tool.


1 second. I forgot 1 thing: the skeleton generated by this Prestashop module generator tool is clean too as well as passed the tool Module Validator.


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Scenes in Prestashop

From Prestashop manual:

Image maps was a feature that was introduced with version 1.1 of PrestaShop, and available up to version 1.5 included.
New installations of PrestaShop 1.6 do not have this feature available, but stores upgraded to version 1.6 can still use it.

So you know, Prestashop does not support Scenes or Image Mapping in Prestashop 1.6 any more. But you still can use it.

For the guide here to firstly activate the feature.

That’s it, now, let’s start digging into this great feature.

Oops, I was noticed the following error, it could be a bug. When I draw an area and then try to map to a product. Autocomplete search does not seems working properly. The list of matched products looks ridiculous.

Scene does not work in Prestashop 1.6

Then, I save the scenes, reload the page again, everything has gone. It means, I have to do that again and again and again.

And here is the fix:

Scene does not work in Prestashop 1.6

Is this helpful for you? Share your idea by leaving your comments below.


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