Point of sale pro - barcode scanner / reader

Basically, any barcode 1D readers/scanners can work very well with our Point of sale Pro – we are proud to announce that.

Just connect your barcode, launch our Point of sale Pro screen, then scan for the code. The matched item will be added to the order instantly.

Give it a try.

If your barcode scanner does not work here, contact us immediately, we will help you sort it out.

So, what’s next? We will integrate barcode generator in the next version. Are your looking for the same thing? Would you like to add your own idea? Drop us a line now.

Point of sale pro - barcode scanner / reader


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You are the newbie? You want to create a module from scratch? Sometimes, or you don’t know where to start (newbie) or you have to spend time for doing the same / boring things when creating a new module. Shuyt! Even you know how to do that quickly, but you are potential to make mistakes.

If so, this Module generator tool developed by Prestashop will give you a helping hand to generate a skeleton module. You just need to focus on your business requirements and implement them.

That’s really easy, like 1, 2 and 3.

Here we go:

Module generator for Prestashop

Module generator for Prestashop

Module generator for Prestashop

Really cool?

I now don’t want to waste your time. If this is exactly what you are looking for, click here to start using this very nice tool.


1 second. I forgot 1 thing: the skeleton generated by this Prestashop module generator tool is clean too as well as passed the tool Module Validator.


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Paypal Instant Checkout for Prestashop

Nowadays, Paypal is one of the most popular online payment methods. Paypal provides a lot of payment options which make merchants or customers complete an order easily. We now, want to promote Paypal into upper level – make it even easier in Prestashop.

With Prestashop, your customers usually have to go through 6 steps to create and complete an order.

  1. Add to basket
  2. Review the basket
  3. Sign in
  4. Review / add a new address
  5. Select a suitable shipping option
  6. Go with a payment
Paypal instant checkout for Prestashop

Paypal instant checkout for Prestashop

It’s time consuming indeed; and in many cases, you are loosing your prospects.

You might not konw, Paypal is known as the secure payment method thanks to its verifying process. During verifying customers’ information, Paypal also store their address information on their Paypal account.

Our module Paypal instant checkout was designed to utilize Paypal API, which helps your customers reduce a lot of steps. With Paypal Instant Checkout installed, you now offers the ability to check out from any where on the site. In the other words, just CLICK AND PAY.

Try live demo here.

Paypal Instant Checkout for Prestashop


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In 1.5, Prestashop introduced the great feature – Multiple shipping addresses. This’s really good if your clients want to split the order and ship to different addresses at the same time.

How come?

Usually, they have to place 2 orders. It’s time consuming and sometimes, they’re wanna leave your website. Thanks to this great feature, your clients now can place 2 orders in 1 time. What they have to do are: making sure they have more than 1 address attached to their account, then at the first step of checkout, decide to go with this feature.

Multiple shipping in Prestashop 1.6For further details on how to enable this feature and how to use, refer to this nice article written by Inmotion Hosting.

Allowing multiple shipping addresses in PrestaShop 1.5

But this is a BAD NEWS for you – This feature is no longer supported by Prestashop 1.6.

We understand how important it is for our community. As a result, we now are glad to introduce a MODULE – Multi Shipping 1.6. The “mission” is to continue supporting the good feature for merchants who are running Prestashop 1.6.

Check it out.


Have fun.


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