Free Point of Sale (POS) Pro by PrestaMonster

We, PrestaMonster team, is trying our best to delivery more and more values to our PrestaShop community. And from now on, we decide to give the PrestaShop community a free license to use our bestseller module – Point of Sale Pro.

Free Point of Sale (POS) Pro

On every Tuesday, we will pick up randomly 1 subscriber who did subscribe in the last 7 days, from Tuesday to Monday.

Who’s next? It’s YOU! Take this chance right now:


The winner will be:

– A person who introduces at least 3 other people to join this program

And … that’s it!

1 more thing, don’t miss your chance by checking your mailbox and confirm your registration.

Available for 5 bestsellers modules only.

So we have 5 modules:

1- Point Of Sale Pro

2- Paypal Instant Checkout

3- Quick Quote Tool

4- Multi Accessories Pro

5- And Custom Invoices


And 8 languages:

1- English

2- French

3- Spanish

4- Polish

5- Italian

6- Dutch

7- German

8- And Portuguese

PrestaMonster modules now are available in 8 langauges

If you are looking for another translation or for any other of our modules, feel free to contact us.

And now, enjoy us to celebrate this good news! Claim 20% discount on those bestsellers modules. Expiring very soon on Sunday, May 3rd, at 23:59:59 EST.

One of our customers is selling art items. Here are some samples from his shop.

You will be noticed that, the items vary from one to one. And as they are art items, therefore they need to be the final version without assembly. It makes him headache with shipping process, as he can not give a fixed shipping cost for each item.

One day, we got in touch and discuss about the feature. The discussion took a bit long. But finally, we put all of them together. Thanks to his geat idea, now Quick Quote Tool pro can give a quote for shipping cost as well.

Quick Quote Tool Pro works with shipping costOnce the quote is approved, his customers can check out easily. No additional shipping cost as it’s already included in the quote.

And here is what he said:

Thanks PrestaMonster team, they make us easy to sell our items. I was in pain with shipping stuffs but now, it’s worry-free! Thanks again.


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Multi-accessories – Custom quantity allowed

We were proud to develop Multi Accessories Pro which brings you a solution to create a very flexible product combos. It looks like combinations of a product. It looks like accessories of a product. It looks like a packed product. It also looks like related items of the current product. Really flexible. And today, this is one of our bestsellers modules, that makes us proud one more time.

Being continuous on the successful path, we are making it even more flexible. “Custom quantity” has been introduced in version 2.2.

Previously, your customers are only able to put their own quantity for the main product. Then, they choose one or more accessories from the list. What’s next if they click on “Add to basket”? Quantity of each selected accessory depends on quantity of the main product. If they put “1” for the main quantity, it means, they will by default checkout “1” item from selected accessories. The story repeats if the number is “2”, “3” or any other number.

Let’s say, you are selling a bed. I want to purchase 1 bed and 2 pillows?

Multi Accessories Pro - custom quantity

No way – Multi Accessories can not do that for you.

But it does, since version 2.2!

Let’s your customers freely to choose how many items they want to buy. Easy. Flexible in deed.

Multi Accessories Pro - custom quantity

Of course, as a merchant, you have your right to turn off this feature. Our setting page is designed to help you in that case.

Try with our demo site of Multi Accessories Pro.


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Have you heard about our Quick Quote Tool – a popular solution designed for initiating, maintaining communication between sellers and buyers and finally converting into sales? Our effort hasn’t been stopped yet! We have recently released a new feature which makes it easy for buyers to start new conversations. “Quote instantly” is what I am talking about.

Looking back to the very first version of Quick Quote Tool where visitors have to add each of their favourite items into a cart, then proceed along the summary page, filling their personal information; and lastly submitting the quote.

You will realize a complex and time consuming process in order to ask for a quote. And you may halt it at the middle. It means, as a seller, you are loosing your prospects. Understanding the scenarios, we decided to bring you the awesome feature which helps your visitors submit a quote in only a single click.

So how it works exactly? I bet that, this is the easiest thing you can do for your visitors. Let’s imagine, while you are browsing a fashion store, you are maybe looking at featured items on homepage, suddenly your eyes stop on a beautiful dress. Wow, you want to have it! And you want to address your want to the shop owner. It’s time for Quick Quote Tool. Click “Quote this item”. A short form will be shown up quickly. Put your email address and submit. Done! Yes, that’s why we name it “Quote instantly”. Just do it. Right now. Instantly.
Quick Quote Tool - Quote instantly - save time for busy shoppers

The same thing can happen when you are visiting other pages such as category page, search page, product page, etc.

There is still 1 more secret. As the shop owner, you can design your own form to collect visitor’s information. The most simple form can come up with email only. But you also can add several fields like first name, last name, phone, country, etc. Of course, you have your own rights to allow your visitors to add their own price or leave a custom message.

That’s it. Quote instantly awaits you here.


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Selling a bundle of products on Prestashop

There are several ways to offer a bundle of products to your customers.
The best way is to prepare a packed product.


There is already a built-in option for you when you create a new product or manage an existing one.

Packed product

  1. Change product type to Pack of existing products
  2. Search and add 2 or more existing products into the pack
  3. How many items should be included in the pack
  4. Finish adding each item

Of course, you have to give it a name, set quantity of the pack, price etc… Now, your pack is available for purchase.


As a visitor / customer, she will see this pack as a normal product. But she also has a chance to know content of that pack, like how many items in the pack, quantity of each item, price of each separated item…

Packed product in Prestashop

Especially, she is free to decide what to purchase:

– OR purchase the whole pack with all defined items in the pack with the good price

– OR purchase each of single item in the pack.


Packed product is a very awesome built-in feature of Prestashop. It’s really good when you want to give a special offer or a combo of several related products or accessories. But considering myself as a shopper, I have only 2 choices: or check out the combo, or check out some of items. Ah, maybe 1 more choice: NO PURCHASE :)

Module Accessories Pro is put in place to solve the problem, for both, buyer and seller. Module Accessories Pro is just like packed products, but more flexible.

As a seller, beyond the great features of packed product, I can decide how they’re displayed to my customers.

As a buyer, I can decide:

  • Which items to buy
  • How many quantities to buy
  • All in 1 click

Download and give it a try.


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Quick Quote Tool pro for Prestashop

Have you  offered sale-off to your customers and gain more sales?

Have you sent a newsletter, introduced about your special campaign and gain more customers?

Have you spent hours to set good price for your items?

If you say “Yes” to all of them, that’s so great. You love your customers. You love the way giving values to people who use your products.

* * *

Today, I would like to tell you a myth. In a open world nowadays, you can hear the voice from your prospect. That’s really good, honestly to say.

We have been working hard to design a great solution for you. Thanks to Quick Quote Tool pro, you now are ready to capture any words from the people who are interested in your products. It’s really easy. It’s like adding to basket, whenever they have chance to review your products (at homepage, category page, search page, product page, etc..), they will be given a chance to add one or more products into a quote listthen submit the quote with their own suggested prices or comments.

Your turn? Yes, once they start a quote, you should follow up the conversation and aim to the final and special deal. It’s not boring. It’s 2 way communication. Any one (between 2 of you) can continue or stop communication anytime.

Cool? Get it now? Hurry up, first 10 people will receive a free copy of Quick Quote Tool pro.


Opps, I suddenly forgot 1 thing, it’s a truth about the relation between you and your prospect. Quick Quote Tool pro, actually stops buyer-seller relationship.

Quick Quote Tool pro maintain partnership with your customers

Now, it’s all about partnership. You and your prospect jump into a conversation, discuss together and negotiate towards to a deal which is customized and only for the person who started that conversation.

You love your business. We are inspired to make your business better. 10 free copies of Quick Quote Tool pro are waiting for you:


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