Hello friends,

It’s longer than estimated but finally, our Point Of Sale Pro now supports a receipt printer or bill printer. Any bill printer can work with it. Just like setting up a printer, and that’s it.

Point Of Sale Pro, bill printer, receipt printer

When we show the feature to Tony, one of our users, we got this first question:

Tony: What if I still want to print the invoice on A4 paper?

Tung: Ha ha, it works for both. Whatever you want, standard invoice or receipt/bill format.

I guess, you might have the same question. If so, don’t worry, our Point Of Sale Pro is designed to work with several formats.

Currently, 4 paper sizes are supported: A4, A5, K80 and K57.

Point of sale pro, bill printer, receipt printer

Now, it’s time to check it out on our live demo.


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