Change PDF ticket / receipt

In POS, we support several ticket sizes like K80, K57, A5, A4.

Currently, the ticket format (and content) is fixed. But you are totablly possible to change that, just by overriding template.

1. To do so, firstly, please locate to this folder 


There will be 4 templates like these:

In which:
- header.tpl and footer.tpl, as implied, are for header and footer of the ticket.
- pos-ticket.pdf is associated with K80 and K57.
- pos-invoice.tpl is associated with A5 and A4

2. Decide what you will need to make changes, footer or header, ticket (K48, K57) or invoice (A5, A4).

3. Copy the files you intend to change, put them under your theme:


4. Make changes accordingly. Save the file.

5. You might have to clear your Smarty cache, then try to make an order with POS and print the receipt.

For any further changes, contact us for support.

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