Can not search for an item

When you come to this case where you can not search for several items even though they are enabled, fully stocked.

There are a few possible reasons, here are the top list to sort it out by yourself:

1. Make sure they are indexed by PrestaShop

In your back office, locate to Preferences > Search.

You will see a notice like this:

Indexed products 13/38.

Yes, most likely, you have to force them to be indexed manually.

Just simply click on one of the 2 links underneath. Once it's completed, you should be able to search for that in POS now.

Indexing products for POS search

2. Verify if they are inactive items or belong to inactive categories

Obviously, if an item is inactive, it should be presented for sale.

But with POS, you can do that by enabling these options:POS Sell inactive items

3. Confirm if they are "catalog-only" or "nowhere" items

This option is to set your product visibility so that it can be only avaible for specific perpurse.

By default, catalog-only and nowhere items are not ready for sale.

But once again, you can decide to sell them with POS.

Here are the options to start with.

POS product visibilities

4. More to come?

There should be more.

If your case is not listed here, please shoot at us an email.

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