Grant permission to a certain user

POS is designed to work with multiple stores, multiple warehouses and multiple employees at the same time.

To grant POS permissions to a specific employee, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Make sure that employee has a back office account and assigned to a profile.  There are several pre-defined profiles such as: SupperAdmin, Logistician, Translator. Of course, we can add our own profiles.
  2. In the back office, just locate to Administration > Permissions, and click on the right profile. Here we have a chance to grant permission to specific modules or specific pages.
  3. In POS, we just need to care about pages. So that, below are the must-have permissions so that an employee can process orders with POS Pro.

POS Pro - Grant permission for a saleman

If you intend to do that in multi-store situation, read more at:

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