One of our customers is selling art items. Here are some samples from his shop.

You will be noticed that, the items vary from one to one. And as they are art items, therefore they need to be the final version without assembly. It makes him headache with shipping process, as he can not give a fixed shipping cost for each item.

One day, we got in touch and discuss about the feature. The discussion took a bit long. But finally, we put all of them together. Thanks to his geat idea, now Quick Quote Tool pro can give a quote for shipping cost as well.

Quick Quote Tool Pro works with shipping costOnce the quote is approved, his customers can check out easily. No additional shipping cost as it’s already included in the quote.

And here is what he said:

Thanks PrestaMonster team, they make us easy to sell our items. I was in pain with shipping stuffs but now, it’s worry-free! Thanks again.


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